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Backsplash Installation in
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At Paint Power we perform installation of backsplash tile in your kitchen. We work with the best backsplash manufacturers in new york city area. We know that backsplash could be considered the most important part of your kitchen design.

Diagonal Tile

Diagonal tile

Give ordinary tile a spin by placing it on the diagonal. Keep in mind that a diagonal layout means you’ll need to order about 10 percent more tiles to complete your backsplash. Diagonal tile layouts also tend to be more labor intensive — more cuts are required at the top and the bottom.


Kitchen Remodeling NYC

Subway tile

One of the most beloved tile designs to date is the timeless and classic subway tile — so named because this type of tile is often used in subway stations worldwide. Tile all the way to the ceiling to give this classic tile a fresh and more modern look.


Backsplash Herringbone Tile

Herringbone tile

Add loads of texture to your kitchen with tile in a herringbone pattern. Many tiles in the herringbone pattern can be purchased on a mesh backing (usually a 12- by 12-inch backing material on the underside of the tile that holds several pieces together), which means you won’t have to lay out each and every individual piece.


Mosaic Tile

Mosaic tile

If you have the budget for it, consider going with a design that is all your own. The design here was created with mosaic tiles, expertly trimmed piece by piece to create a stunning custom design.


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